The type wunderkammer

Wunderkammer, also known as the cabinet of curiosities. This is a simple online archive of all sorts of type related things from various places. Apart from being a huge type fan, I also collect awesome newsletters and interesting reads.

34 things / Last updated 20.10.2023

Old Apple brochure from 2021

034 / Apple (2021)

DOT train ticket from Copenhagen

033 / DOT Ticket

Super Nonna takeaway box wrapper

032 / Super Nonna

Japanese Shimaya dashi-no-moto soup base

031 / Shimaya Dashi-no-moto

Never Coming To a Theater Near You zine from A24

030 / A24 Never Coming To a Theater Near You

A store flyer from Le Labo printed as a newspaper

029 / Le Journal #11

An old spitfire plane toy from Hong Kong

028 / Spitfire MKI

An old book containing various mazes

027 / I found it

A postcard with an illustration of a Japanese safety monster

026 / Japanese Safety Monster

A collection of old stamps from Hong Kong

025 / Stamps

Program from a Hong Kong Exhibition

024 / Myth Makers

Pak Fu Fui sweet packaging

023 / Pak Fu Fui

Copy of a JR train pass from Japan

022 / JR Pass

Train ticket from a Japanese bullet train ride

021 / Nagano > Ilyama

Paper coaster with prints of Mount Fuji

020 / Fuji

Risoprinted newspaper zine

019 / The System Cannot be Reformed

Black and white poster protesting about class war

018 / This is Class War

Old Crowson's Cheese label

017 / Crowson's Cheese

Old train tickets from Glasgow to Pitlochry

016 / Glasgow to Pitlochry

Newspaper from Le Labo

015 / Le Journal #8

German Augustiner round coaster

014 / Augustiner Bräu München

Newspaper zine for the Slanted Prague publication

013 / Special Issue Slanted Prague

Pink book cover for the Slanted: Tokyo magazine

012 / Slanted: Tokyo

Yellow and Red poster for Berlin Typo Posters

011 / Berlin Typo Posters

A special ticket from the Berlin public transport

010 / Dark BVG Ticket

Yellow exhibition pamphlet for the Kinder Biennale

009 / Kinder Biennale

Inner pages of the BCN 2019 booklet

008 / Tallers Oberts BCN 2019

Inner pages from Slanted Helsinki: Contemporary Typefaces

007 / Slanted #29: Contemporary Typefaces

Pamphlet from the Gutenberg Museum

006 / Gutenberg Museum

Train schedule from Shinjuku to Odawara

005 / Shinjuku > Odawara

Blue Moon square coaster

004 / Blue Moon

Small Japanese local train ticket

003 / Daikan-Yama

Postcard for the Nosawa Dojosin Fire Festival

002 / The Dojosin Fire Festival

German newspaper poster with overlapping texts

001 / Der Filter SND 2014